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Session 8 talks about using humor as an adaptive coping strategy.

1. What is one coping skill or technique from this program you are looking forward to using next time you are in a stressful situation?

2. Anything else you would like to discuss, please write below!

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I feel fortunate that I already practice many of the strategies regularly and am going to add adaptive thinking, eating healthier and regular exercise to my tool box. Knowing myself, I know that the adaptive thinking will come easier than the others. 


Thank you so much for this program.  Session 7 threw me for a loop and I am going to go back and re-experience at lease that session in its entirety!  There are several other things I will be referencing again as well. So much good information, thank you. 

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Good morning in the other part of our world,

I really think that this program helped me to clarify what was good or bad in my behavior regarding to my disease.

I have to work a lot with my all or nothing.

I think that we are all NF patients very resilient without saying this word for our life. As I often said, pain is pain, and the fact that we can live with this kind of pain is incredible. I hear friends with schwannomatosis saying, I can't live ten years more with my pain, and finally, they go through these ten years.

 Be safe all.