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Session 7 discusses using problem-solving when a stressor is something that you can influence, and using acceptance when a stressor is something that you cannot influence.

1. Identify a stressor related to your NF journey.

2. How would you decide whether this stressor warrants using problem-solving or acceptance?

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I have to go to my general practician this afternoon.


- He has no idea of my disease. He can say to me: "I don't know", what is also difficult for him

- My pain is getting worse.

- what I try to feel better could be false.

- I have to wait till September to see a specialist at a reference center in Paris, then I didn't find anybody who wants to care of me in my region.


Problem -solving:

- My G practician is open and wants to help me

- I have to explain  him which ways are possible: surgery, or drugs

- I want to discuss with him how much drugs I can take, to make sure that my lever accepts theses doses. 

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It is so frustrating when a doctor doesn't know. I get it, there are SO many unknown/rare diseases, conditions, etc, it is hard for them too. I am glad your doctor wants to help!